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Women Advisors

We proudly support The WISE Group® – Women Inspiring, Supporting and Educating female colleagues, clients and future advisors in the pursuit of knowledge and services within the financial planning industry.

The WISE Group’s mission

The mission of The WISE Group is to assist women financial advisors in the growth and recognition of their practice. This includes support and assistance to advance the technical skills of women advisors, recruiting and developing new women advisors, and providing insight into the female investor to increase financial planning opportunities for all advisors, regardless of gender.

The WISE Group also promotes sharing ideas as well as collaboration with financial planning, wealth and risk management to drive:

  • Increased client retention
  • Dedicated focus on attracting and keeping women as clients and advisors
  • Practice expansion and networking
  • Efficiencies in practice management
  • Technical expertise

The WISE Group benefits

  • Intellectual capital exchange – This group provides guidance, support and resources to help members succeed.
  • Formal mentoring programs – There are certain challenges that primarily affect women advisors. Mentoring and professional coaching can help members overcome these barriers.
  • National, regional and local networking events – Women Advisor support in person or virtually through phone, video and Web conferences helps foster interaction and community among women financial advisors. Our annual meeting features well-known industry speakers and practice management training.
  • Sharing of best practices – Our women advisors have cited client acquisition, business processing and succession planning as significant challenges. Members can learn what works and doesn’t work for other members and apply appropriate strategies to their practice.
  • Opportunities to join committees – Members can volunteer for groups that focus on education, website and technology, public relations and marketing, recruiting and retention, membership/mentorship, and our annual meeting.

Let The WISE Group help you grow your practice and achieve greater results. For more information, please contact WISE@lfg.com.

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